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Therapy and Support
for Men

Helping you resolve life's issues and challenges,

enabling you to live more peacefully and authentically

Hobart, Kingston, Huonville

Also available for Telehealth (video/phone)


Whatever is going on for you now, I stand beside you to help you navigate through the challenging times.


Men seek me out to help them with issues such as: 

Coaching Therapy

Relationship Challenges


Going through or been through a relationship challenge or breakup? Are you arguing with your partner or just feeling disconnected in the relationship? Are you questioning why you bother to continue?


Excessive Work Habits


Working long hours and find it difficult to switch off?  Do you feel like you should be striving for perfection consistently?  Bringing work into your private life?  Is this affecting your connection with your family, friends?  Are you neglecting your own health?

Anxiety and Stress.jpg

Stress & Anxiety


Finding life overwhelming? Is this pressure causing you to constantly worry and over think things?  Do you find yourself in a constant loop of thoughts? Is your sleep, diet, health,  relationships and exercise suffering?

Substance Misuse.jpg

Drug & Alcohol Misuse


Are you relying on alcohol or other substances to get through life, or are you just feeling like you are not in control of your use?  Are you behaving in a way that you feel is incongruent with who you really are?




Men generally use an avoidance approach to traumatic events, thinking that if we forget about it then it will go away and we will be ok. Trauma can arise from any event, and can often occur from a young age




Is your go to reaction to uncomfortable events anger? Do you lash out verbally when something annoys you? Are the little things triggering you to behave and communicate in a way that bothers you?

Grief and Loss.jpg

Grief & Loss


Have you experienced a death of someone or something close to you? Whether it is a family member, a pet or even a relationship, loss can be a very confronting event that if left unresolved can result in longer term grief.


Gender Identity


Confused and challenged in facing the struggles with who you are and what you are feeling. Do you feel like no one gets you and that you have to pretend to be something that you know that isn’t you?


Group Events
No events at the moment


No one said life was supposed to be easy all the time. But then again, why should it be difficult? By being part of the community you will learn how to:

  • Express what is really going on with you in a safe and non-judgemental environment

  • Connect with who you really are and discover tools to be the person you want to be

  • Develop deep and meaningful relationships with the important people in your life 

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